Just who am I

First and foremost I am a lover of the New Zealand wilderness and a landscape and a wildlife photographer second.
I love and gain sustenance from the wilderness and also from the animals and birds that live there, I wish to share these precious places with you. I strive to excel at my craft and I hope my work reflects this.

I am self taught with the help of the internet and a few books Ive read along the way, I have no certificates to prove my worth, but I woud hope that my work stands on its own merits.

How I got my name.
Having been blessed with possibly the boney-est, paper white feet on the planet, I keep them under wraps and bring them out in public only when truly forced to. One day, on such an occasion I was forced to bring my feet from the secluded safety of my shoes and socks into the shocking light of day only to hear the rather loud exclamation from a dear friend "take a look at those boney ...white feet, man, those are the whitest, boniest feet I have ever seen". instantly boney whitefoot became my new nick name.

What I believe.
The bond between photographers is a unique one and seems to be long term in most cases. It can bring out the best and worst in people, in the end its simply up to us to choose the way we respond to others, their work and attitudes. I choose to be inspired by other peoples work and it never ceases to amaze me to see the gifts that other people possess.I also belive if you love photograhpy you will never be bored ,you just look closer and shoot smaller.