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Mean while here's what going on now and the near future.

Ive been putting a large amount of my work on flikr lately
check it out here flckr

The site has undergone a major overhaul
the whole shooting box is been redone from the ground up with extensive information on my workshops and tour's.

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The Great Baby Seal Weekend. coming in December
Location: Wairarapa Coast, Castle point, Ngawi
Description: A fun weekend on the Rugged and picturesque Wairarapa Coast starting with daybreak at Castle point and moving on to meet with the Seals( Arctocephalus forsteri ) at the colony at Ngawi and ending with stunning sunsets and sun rises.

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Creative landscape & wildlife photography workshops with Tony Fluerty

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The Great Baby Seal Weekend, coming in December



The word "photography" comes from two Greek words, photos- meaning light and graphos - meaning draw, hence we are drawing with light